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Telugu Ultimate Climax Scene Movies

If you look for highly satisfying cinematic climax sequences in the film, you should watch “Arjun Suravaram”. The problem of Indian journalism is well depicted in this film. The struggles of a journalist who wants to portray real issues rather than the perky masala are the centre story of the entire film. You can watch movies online like “Arjun Suravaram” on the best OTT platforms for Telugu films.

Cast and crew

The cast of the film “Arjun Suravaram” contains Nikhil Siddharth in Arjun Lenin Suravaram, who is at TV99 journalist. He is supported by his beautiful co-star LavanyaTripathi in Kavya, who is also a journalist. Many more supporting actors like Tarun Arora, Sarkar Vennela Kishore as lawyer AddalaBalaji, Raja Ravindra as a police officer, Nagineedu as Arjun father and Pragathi as Arjun’s mother. The film was directed and written by T. Santosh, and RajkumarAkella produced it. Sam C. S, Surya gave the music, and editing did the cinematography was done by Naveen Nooli.

Total earnings

This 149 minutes long film was released in 2019, and it earned 21 crores in the box office. The film is an official remake of ‘Kanithan’, a Tamil movie directed and written by T. N. Santhosh and produced by S. Thanu. The film was super hit when it hit the theatres, and the public quite favoured the music. The book movie was named ‘Mudra’ initially; however, the title had to be changed because the movie’s release was extended. If you want to watch movies online like “Arjun Suravaram”, what’s the time on the best Telugu OTT platform.

The story centres on Arjun Suravaram, a renowned and passionate journalist on TV99. He is very passionate about his job because he is a third-generation journalist and his family. However, considering the present circumstances under which journalism and Indian journalists are suffering, Arjun’s father protests against this profession. Neglecting all the protestations, Arjun keeps on striving to become the best journalist in his state. He is also in love with Kavya, played by LavanyaTripathi, a journalist and the daughter of a TV channel owner. Together, they make a great couple, and they both want to become the best journalist who exposed the truth to the world.

However, the initial phase’s loveliness melts down in the film when Arjun is suddenly accused of getting engaged in a scam for fake certificates and educational loans. He is taken into custody, and society ostracizes him, and his journalism career is ruined. However, he drives the motivation to move forward and find out about the truth not as a victim but as a reporter. The film is about his journey towards finding out the truth behind University fake certificate scams and fake educational loans. Kavya helps in along with his other few friends, and they all find out that behind the scam lead the hands of the most powerful people. To action movies online like “Arjun Suravaram” download Telugu OTT platform today.