Wednesday, January 19

Where To Apply The Wallpaper: Only One Wall Or The Entire Room?

There are no precise rules in this regard, but surely following some indications instead of others increases the yield, duration and aesthetics of a given wallpaper within a specific room. Let’s see some examples:

Wallpaper for the kitchen

Here the imagination can really sweep in different directions because, next to the kitchen furniture, beautiful and modern wallpaper singapore with decorative elements of great impact or linear and monochromatic textures, vintage or geometric textures accompanied by bright colors, for example it becomes the mirror of the hosts’ personality and creates a well-defined atmosphere.

Wallpaper for the bedroom

The choice of wallpaper singapore for the bedroom depends a lot on the personality of those who live it, probably more than other rooms because it is the first environment we see when we open our eyes. Relax and dream is the two watchwords of the bedroom!   Make way, then, to graphic designs that can range from the tropical forest to the pristine beach, or the same effect can be obtained with soft, geometric, optical and soft lines that accompany both awakening and sleep. The foresight to use fire-retardant and water-repellent paper, which is not afraid of humidity, remains fundamental.

Wallpaper for the bathroom

Wallpaper in a humid environment such as the bathroom? Today you can, so much so that you can also characterize this room with particular, modern and aesthetically appealing effects. Including the shower area! Without forgetting that, even from a functional and optical point of view, a small bathroom can appear larger thanks to wallpaper with depth effects.

Wallpaper for the hall / open space

The wallpaper can be inserted on a wall, to differentiate the environments, for example in the case of an open space, or to customize certain corners of the house. From geometric patterns to floral shapes, from plain-colored wallpapers to customized photos printed in large format, everything is possible, as long as the wallpaper integrates perfectly into the entire living environment, with continuity and harmony.